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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Eiffel Tower

I know that in the next to last episode of Sex and the City Petrovsky's daughter describes the Eiffel Tower as "heeedyooos" but I have to say I think it's not only charming, but also beautiful.

You can walk up the first two tiers at a discounted price from taking the elevator up. I decided that was a good way to get in some exercise. Nina was asleep in the back pack so it was perfect. I felt pretty good about it when I was able to pass a lot of people younger and thinner than I am. The view is pretty spectacular! They didn't let us go up all the way to the top, though, they said it was "closed" whatever that meant, maybe too many people had gone up already, I don't know. It was disappointing but a great experience anyway.

I loved watching people from the first tier. There were some people giving out free hugs and the view of that from above was pretty cool. I took some video but somehow very little of it was hugging, most of it was of the handrail I was leaning against. Seriously, how did I manage not to know?

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