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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

full photo set

Now I've taken you all the way through the trip that we took to London and Paris with Franki & Larry. We used one of those open top bus tours like we had in London, but it was pretty terrible in Paris, I wouldn't recommend it. The audio tours were spotty, hard to hear, and not very well timed. Next time I would probably opt for the TaoCity handheld GPS tour. Next time I go somewhere I don't know very well I will see if there is an option like this available. We ate some lovely food, notably Le Grande Cafe and La Fregate. People talk about bad experiences with people being snotty and rude (which was true on the bus tour) but overall traveling with with a cute kid is definitely a plus. People were nice to us, I think, because we had Nina with us. One last thing: I can't say enough good things about the hotel we stayed at, the Paris Louvre Opera Best Western. It was beautiful, elegant, quiet, and centrally located. They had our rooms ready when we checked in, complete with a bed for Nina.

If you haven't had enough, you can check out the whole photo set for the trip:

You may notice that there are a lot of pictures of Larry and Nina with a book in front of monuments/places of note. We read Madeline a lot and it was Larry's brilliant idea to find the places in the book and take pictures with the book in front of the places. Cool, huh? I will have Larry help blog that because he is more familiar with the place names than I am.

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