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Thursday, November 01, 2007


A few years ago I lucked into a calendar called "Wise Words" which is a perpetual calendar with quotes from The New Dimensions radio series. Sometimes the stuff is just silly, but a lot of time it hits home. Today the quote (by John Halifax, author of Shamanic Voices*) is:

The practice of mindfulness in our relationship to our ordinary, immediate lives can be every bit as rewarding and instructive as taking wild journeys to far-off and exotic places to be with the greatest teachers in the world.
That really hit home for me and got right into the heart of why I (and many others, I suspect) blog. Some poke fun at blogging as a foray into the profoundly narcissistic, and often it can be (though everyone's mom thinks they're a genius, so most of it is great stuff to someone). But the truth is, there is a LOT of great stuff being blogged out there, the blogosphere is an explosion of amazing creativity, heartbreaking honesty, and gut aching humor.

This quote spoke to me so eloquently today that it finalized my decision to participate in NaBloPoMo, though I had been toying with the idea. So for the month of November I will post at least once each day. I have been slacking a bit lately, so I owe some good stuff to my one or two readers anyway.

*Don't think for a minute I have read this book, I haven't, though it looks really good.


Christian said...

Oh, yay! Well, as one of your one or two readers, I for one am excited! Kisses to little girl for party day.

emma said...

Very timely. I just started dipping into "Everyday Blessings", that mindful parenting book...