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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Père Lachaise

I wanted to see Jim Morrison's grave. Cliche, I know, but sometimes a tourist is just a tourist. He is buried, along with a lot of other famous people, at Père Lachaise Cemetery. Franki had already been there (though The Lizard King was not yet dead when Franki visited) so we parted ways and our little threesome headed off on the Metro.

Here is Jim Morrison's resting place. The gravestone has been replaced and once looked like this but the original was stolen. There is now an iron rail and a police officer guarding the site. For more on the current gravestone, click here.

The cemetery itself is beautiful and very peaceful. It's also a maze of cobbled avenues that is very confusing and easy to get turned around in.

Here is Oscar Wilde's monument. The red marks all over it are lipsticked kisses.

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