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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

google at your own risk

So, a bunch of us were talking about googling people who are no longer in our lives--ex boyfriends, old friends, etc. I do it about once a month or so when I'm bored; today I googled an ex who I was really sure was "the one" while we were together and for a long time after. Heck, his mom was convinced of it and was shocked when he dumped me (what seemed to both of us like) out of the blue. He was an amazing artist, an old soul, just an all around cute little guy. He was in art school while we were dating and I was convinced that he was going to go somewhere in the art world, he was really good. His website (no, I'm not going to link it, we're not still in touch, and I'd rather he didn't know that I sometimes stalk him from afar) has his latest work on it and I don't know what to say about it other than that it is spectacularly uninspiring, bland, and unoriginal. And not particularly well executed. So maybe he will make it big because that's kind of my opinion about a lot of modern art.


leng said...

hah, that's funny, i do that periodically too. i found out that an old boyfriend (yes, from waaaay back when... when i thought i liked boys...) had created one of those star wars spoof videos that got a lot of play with the geek crowd. it weirded me out, because it brought together my current circle (i hang out w/ cool geeks) and my old life.

Luci said...

ha ha! I've done this too. Found my ex husband on myspace. He plays bass in a punk band, married a beautiful, skinny girl and seems ridiculously happy! I'm actually really happy for him and their myspace pages are fun to read. But, still, I'd be mortified if he knew I periodically look him up!

nch said...

You've been randomly tagged, please see my blog for directions to play along.