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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I did it!

I finally am getting rid of the three nonstick skillets I was holding onto. While cleaning the garage I "found" a giant cast iron skillet--perfect for cooking up big batches of potatoes for co-op pickup day--and a medium one, so I picked up a medium enameled cast iron and a small (for eggs) stainless steel Wolfgang Puck one for 30$ combined today. My local Marshall's has a TON of Le Creuset style enameled cast iron skillets and dutch ovens right now, all for under 70$. I don't need another dutch oven but it was hard to pass up that kind of deal. Off to freecycle the nonstick!

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enviromama said...

Woohoo for you! I may have to check our Marshall's here for 1 noon-stick pot that needs replacing and see what they have. Then I'll be done too! I just got a Dutch oven (cast iron) through Amazon today. I can't wait to use it!