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Monday, November 12, 2007

I know that this is awesome

I don't even begin to know enough about physics to know why, but it is pretty effing cool.

Here's an excerpt from the comments section (written by the person who uploaded the video) about how it works.

The laptop generates the musical signals. The coil responds to those signals and generates the sparks.
Think of it as a CD player and amplifier and speakers, where the laptop is the CD player, the Tesla coil is the amplifier, and the sparks are the speakers. The spark frequency follows the musical signal from the laptop the same way a speaker would follow the musical signal from the Cd player.

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Elaine said...

Mark once worked a show where he got to see something like this. Of course, that's also the show where a single (BIG) Tesla coil blew up over $300k worth of video, lights and sound equipment.

Still a good time. ;)