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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

dragging ass doesn't even begin to cover it

So today I am doing the ASI test, and one of the stipulations is that you cannot have coffee on the day you do it. At all. None. It's totally inhuman and my addiction is such that I was considering having some after the last sample is collected also known as midnight. Before you start telling me how you kicked coffee and feel so much better now and don't drag ass at all now, you should know that I love coffee and am not all that interested in switching to decaf. I'm ok with it, really. And I wouldn't need to do the test if I wasn't dragging ass without the coffee. Before my adrenal fatigue really manifested itself I could go days without coffee and I am hopeful that I will again someday.

As I learned today, though, I do not function well in any of my job capacities (especially "mom") without coffee right now and will gratefully have some tomorrow morning (but not at midnight tonight). I'll be surprised if by that time Nina isn't making me a latte and pouring it down my throat in an act of self preservation.


The Suburban Correspondent said...

Lorien, I kicked coffee and feel so much better now and don't drag ass at all now. You should give it up and drink cleansing herbal teas.

Ha ha.

lao80 said...

Yah, that grain "coffee" taste just the same, don't ya know.

LisaBella said...

When I rediscovered coffee it makes me super mommy, not-drag-my-butt-out-of-bed-grumpy-mommy. It didn't last 'cause I burnt out faster.

Another "rush" I am getting is from exercise - equal to coffee - unfortunately I have chosen to swim and now am getting butchy swim shoulders - blah!

ps. don't make me show you what coffee does to the brain, it will scare you off it for sure! :P

lola coca-cola said...

Well, it doesn't really matter what it's doing to my brain; I don't have a choice whether to be a good mom right now and my body isn't helping me out. When my adrenals are functioning better I will think about kicking my one cup a day habit.

Elaine said...

yeah, I'm finding that more and more often a wee bit of coffee (cleverly disguised in a hot cocoa or mixed with a whole lot of milk) is a lovely thing. Makes me much less likely to put the kids in the canyon and go to a movie.