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Thursday, June 12, 2008

new flooring in the house

Because of Nina's respiratory problems we decided to replace the carpets in our house. After much deliberation, we decided on cork. On the advice of the helpful people at Green Fusion (where Arwyn used to work), we chose Natural Cork Eco Cork, color cuero (dark will not look dirty easily, I am hoping) from Fast Floors, they matched a quote I got from another company. We bought enough to do all the rooms in the house that are currently carpeted (about 600 square feet).

It's click lock plank, whatever that means, and it's really pretty. And smooth.

Because Larry has no interest in DIY and I am not confident in my skills, we will wait until my mom can help us, then do one room at a time starting with Nina's room.


Elaine said...

It looks beautiful! Can't wait until it's in.

knrush said...

That looks great. You are going to have beautiful floors!

ngiuliano said...

What an interesting choice for flooring! Can't wait to see how it looks.

Iris said...

Love the cork. Great choice!