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Thursday, June 19, 2008

drive carefully

I don't know when I started saying it obsessively. I know it's a nice sentiment but lately I've been getting a little crazy with it, like if I don't say it and Larry or my mom has Nina in the car and god forbid something happens, it would be my fault for not saying it. So yeah.

I said it tonight right before my mom took Nina off for a little impromptu sleepover. And it turns out that my mom does drive carefully. I know this because right before I buckled Nina into the car seat and gave her one more kiss I set the stuff I had in my hands on top of my mom's car. Said stuff being my brand new camera and an envelope containing about 1500$ worth of checks to be deposited by mail. Upon realizing this I frantically called my mom and she pulled over (I used the Earth equivalent of frack many times before I called). The camera was right where I had left it. And my husband went looking for the envelope and it was a few blocks away, with tire tread marks to let us know the ordeal it had been through.

Wow, am I relieved. And so so lucky to have gotten both back unscathed. Best of all, my lovely husband could have been (rightly so) super bummed at me. He laughed.


The Suburban Correspondent said...

No way. That is nuts!

ZebraBelly: said...

Oh man, I just about had a heart attack just reading about it! Eek!

So you bank w/ USAA? I've often considered it. Do you like it?

lola coca-cola said...

I really like USAA. Every time I use my debit card as a credit card I get a rebate. And if you use an ATM they refund you that charge (up to a certain limit, I don't think I've ever hit it--maybe 10 trips or something?) because they don't really have ATMs of their own. And now with this deposit online, get the money in your account immediately thing I'm sold. I've been checking with them for about 15 years.