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Thursday, June 05, 2008

spoof article on NY hospital's ban on vaginal birth

A little late, but...
What strikes me as sad is how plausible this is. Though no hospital today has a vaginal birth ban, many effectively do because of interventions being standard rather than the exception (the first being induction of labor, which doubles a woman's likelihood to have a c-section). The rest of the interventions tend to follow neatly.

New York City’s St. Sister Mercy General Regional Hospital, which is the nation’s largest hospital and presides over more births than any other facility, announced today* that it would no longer offer vaginal deliveries. Hospital spokesperson John Smith stated, “We were on track to reach a 75% c-section rate within the year, and believe that women unnecessarily suffer when they attempt labor with a very small chance of being successful in our facility. Because most of our patients will eventually need repeat cesareans anyway, we believe that we are getting them off to the best possible start. We are encouraging other hospitals to adopt the same policy.” The hospital is also letting go its team of certified nurse midwives, banning doulas, and banishing fathers back to the waiting room. According to Smith, “Given our new policy of cesarean birth for all women, we feel that support personnel are not needed for our patients, and simply get in the way of the physicians’ work.”
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