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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

uncertainty about the new camera

Well, I do have 90 days to return it. When I took this picture I was really happy with it on the LCD readout on the camera. I mean, the subject is pretty awesome but even the cutest babies take bad pictures sometimes. This just happens to be a great pic of this particular cute baby. But if you click on the pic so it's maximized, you can see the the lines are blurry and not very clearly defined. Not sure why. Did I need to fiddle with the settings more and not just take pics on auto?

But then again, while the below is not a great pic, the edges are nice and crisp.

As are they on the below pic, taken in the same 5 minutes as the first one.

Of course, when I let Elaine play with the camera she took a brilliant pic. Maybe I'm just a dodo and shouldn't be allowed to use a camera at all.

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knrush said...

I think it's the settings. Ollie looks blurry, and you can tell that he was moving by looking at the nostrils. Or were you moving? Were you using a fast shutter speed setting, like "kids and pets"? Just thoughts that come to my mind. Some pictures just don't turn out. Some are accidents and awesome.

Lucca Blue Del Frate said...

yeah, i bet either you or he moved a bit. probably him. if you haven't had any other focus problems, i wouldn't worry about it! (and it's still a great picture!)

Shama-Lama Mama said...

Yeah, I would also look at HOW your camera focuses. In the picture with the grass, the grass is in sharp focus but the hat isn't.

A lot of cameras have settings that generally look at the whole pic and average a focus. Its better to pic the setting where you can click down half way to choose what to focus on, re-frame your shot, and then shoot the picture. See if it has a setting like that.

LisaBella said...

Is Elaine teaching how to take such awesome pics? I would sign up!

Elaine said...

The issue with the top photo is that I don't see an area of focus anywhere in the frame, which suggests someone was moving and the shutter speed was too slow.

The more I get to know my camera the more I get comfortable switching the settings. It's just a matter of playing with it and doing that thing that Karen was talking about to grab the proper focus.