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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Nina's new floor!

Our friend Mark was kind enough to come over yesterday to teach us how to install our flooring. When he got here we had the carpet out of the room but there were still linoleum tiles on the floor; we decided that we should just take it out since there were a few tiles missing and it was coming up very easily (I think they were original in the house). So we spent longer than we should have cleaning up the floor but Mark was very patient about it. And now we know how the floor should look before we start any of the other rooms. This first pic is the moisture barrier (to prevent moisture from coming up out of the ground and the concrete slab and destroying the flooring--I never even thought of something like that). I peeled it back a little to show the slab underneath.

Here are the first two courses. The blue tape on the walls is just holding the moisture barrier in place.

Mark is teaching Larry how to use the miter saw he was kind enough to bring over and leave here for us to use on the other rooms.

Almost done, just doing some figuring about how to do the doorway. All that's left to do is that little strip of blue.

All done! We still need to buy and put on the baseboards but it's really nice. It has a little of that hollow feeling of floating floor but so far I'm super happy with it.


Elaine said...

Hey look! It's my fella! He had a good time teaching Larry and told me that L did really great, totally getting the hang of it and making great cuts. And it looks LOVELY! YAY!

ngiuliano said...

Is the floor as red as it looks in the bottom picture? I don't remember it being that red when you showed me the panel at the co-op. I like it!