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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Didn't see Barack Obama today

At 5:15 today, Barack Obama spoke at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA. Nina and I were sitting in a nearby IHOP, learning the letters. Harrisonburg is a two and a half hour drive from Silver Spring, and I decided this morning to take Nina to hear Obama. The doors to the Convocation Center at JMU were to open at 3:15. Given that the weather has been so cold (for a San Diegan, anyway), I aimed to get us there at 3:15 and hope that that would be soon enough to get a seat. Unfortunately, we got a little bit lost and didn't get there until about 3:45. We were walking down the street towards the Center when we saw people walking back towards us and they gave us the bad news that all the seats were gone. Nina said, "But I want to see Obama" and sounded really sad. She was looking forward to doing the workbook I'd brought for us to pass the time between arriving and the talk, so I figured we'd find a Starbucks and sit and do it. We drove around for a while and didn't find any coffee shops, so we ended up in the IHOP. With hot chocolate for me and orange juice for her and the workbook for us both, we managed to have a nice afternoon together anyway.


knrush said...

So sorry you missed the speach! Harrisonburg is a pretty town. JMU is where many of my friends went to school.
Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Christian said...

Go Duke Dogs! You were at my school!
How cool that he was there, sorry you missed him.