What is wilson silverleaf? We're organitarians; it's best for our bodies and the planet. We cloth diapered Nina for the same reason. We drive a hybrid car & wish we could afford solar panels on our house. I'm a strong advocate for homebirth, full-time mom, & also a movie junkie. We don't have a tv though; we watch dvds on our computer. We love contradancing. I garden & knit; Larry's a puzzle lover & plays fantasy football.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

wednesday--312 miles

The last leg. Chris had mentioned that The Bronx Zoo is free on Wednesdays but I didn't want to bother so we got on the road. Then as we had crossed a bridge I changed my mind. Since I have VZ Navigator (oh how I ADORE VZ Navigator, it alleviates so much stress for me; I have absolutely no sense of direction), it was no problem to get to the zoo and we arrived just as it opened. We saw lots of cool stuff but by far the best thing we saw was the family of asian small clawed-otters. The babies were about the size of my shoe and they made the cutest little chirping sounds. I love all things miniature and also otters. So tiny otters? A big hit with me. When we were done at the zoo we got on the road, only stopping to get some french fries (which were all I was adventurous enought to try and were cooked in rancid grease) at Burger King. Nina was pleased as punch with her crown, though. We arrived in Silver Spring at around 6pm.

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