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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

more lizard ridge

I had brought two balls with me to Maryland and then Anne gave me two so I had to get knitting. It was fun to get back into it; I think I have a few at home that I haven't blocked out yet so it's possible I have all the panels I need now...

This is #194; I don't love it but Nina says it's her favorite of these four.

#88; I don't love this one either; I was shying away from the ones with a lot of dark colors because I was afraid they would look muddy and I think I was right.

#213; I do love this one, though, the colors developed beautifully and harmoniously, I think.

#139; this one is stunning, I think, and reminds me of the fuschia flowers in my yard.

Here's a view of the back of it before blocking.


tracysue said...

I have officially broken out the Lizard Ridge Afghan for the season. It is so warm and cozy, and I love it. You will love yours too once you are done. Just don't think about how much it cost... :)

lola coca-cola said...

The beauty of it is that I'm justifying the cost because it's eventually going to be a gift.