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Thursday, October 02, 2008

a miracle happened!

Well, maybe I'm overstating it a little, but Nina did put herself down for a nap a few minutes ago. As in, she took off her shoes, got into bed and asked me to snuggle with her. Which I gladly did and she then fell asleep. Which may have something to do with our awesome outing last night.

I got a call from a friend whose husband is a musician on tour and she and her two kids (one of whom is in Nina's circus class) were joining the tour for a few gigs, one of which was at a place called The Black Cat in DC! We met up in the early evening and went to a great organic vegetarian place called Java Green which was great (though not so easy to find something gluten free). They had lots of delicious looking vegan desserts as well, though I didn't try one (nothing gluten free); I did have a wonderful mocha chip frappe though. It was deli style so super easy to order and then take the kids outside, where they proceeded to run around like the little maniacs they are. Nina and I decided to take in a little of the show so we stopped and bought her earplugs (my friend's kids have super cute Peltor headphones).

It was an evening of total debauchery for Nina; playing her first video game on the tourbus (very swanky, I must say) and running around it with her arms around her friend, then playing pinball in the bar with a friend while we hung out in the greenroom, then staying up until 11 dancing behind the stage. The music was fantastic and Nina fell asleep the moment she got into the car. It was a fun night, thanks V!!!

I forgot my camera, so you'll have to settle for a pic from my cel phone.


Jill said...

Just want you to know that your three year old has a way cooler life that I do. I haven't been to a concert since I was, like, 28.

veganmomma said...

I'm glad you and V and the kids had fun! It sounded like a blast.

knrush said...

That sounds awesome. So glad you guys were able to meet up.

Elaine said...

So jealous! Sounds like an awesome night for everyone and I'm so glad you and V got to meet up!