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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

the mall

On Friday Nina and I got a late start (I wasn't feeling well and was moving slowly) so we decided just to walk around the mall. We started just before the Washington Monument and walked to the Lincoln Memorial, Nina walked all the way and was a real trouper. For some reason photos are loading in reverse order on Blogger still, so here's a pic from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

Inside the Lincoln Memorial--though there were signs in there that said to be quiet and respectful, there were teens yelling, running around, and being silly. I was disappointed because it should be a place for contemplation and, well, respect. I made sure to tell Nina that she had to be quiet, I only wish that the other adults there had been as thoughtful with the children they were responsible for.

Nina at the World War II Memorial

When we left the Lincoln Memorial I was still not feeling well so Larry left work early and met us at the Archives. I had wanted to go there and see the Declaration of Independence but the lines and crowds were too much for me so we left and went to the International Spy Museum instead. It was fun, though I would have spent more time reading and exploring the interactive exhibits if I hadn't had a tired, by that time of the day easily bored, almost 4 year old with me.

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