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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

finally caught up

When I lived in St Thomas (US Virgin Islands) I made a lot of fun friends and fair weather friends. But I also made a good friend named Jeremy who is and was an archaeologist. We had a lot of fun but also made a real connection when I really needed one. We kept in touch for a few years but then somehow managed to let it go. And then a couple of weeks ago I remembered that he lived in this area somewhere and googled him (I had done it a few times and come up with nothing I could contact him with but this time I found a phone number).

And on Sunday we made the trek to his lovely 18th century home, which is the oldest inhabited building in his county, a dream home for an archaeologist with lots of outbuildings too.

He and his partner have restored it beautifully with antiques, some reproductions, and just enough modern touches that it doesn't feel dreary. It's an amazing home and it just felt right to hang out there with an old friend.

They even have a victrola, which we listened to while having lunch.

Nina got a halloween goodie bag complete with creepy bugs and silly glasses.

Love you, old friend, I'm looking forward to more great afternoons with you and Tim.

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