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Saturday, October 04, 2008

our adventure, continued; Sunday 206 miles

I left off at Saturday, when we went to the Common Ground Fair. It was a fabulous day and I'm so glad we were able to go. On Sunday we got up and drove to Orono, where we had lunch at Pat's Pizza with the lovely Claire and her two sons, now both out of high school and doing really well. I lived with Claire for a while after college.

Here is a view down Mill St in Orono, which is where I lived for a couple of years. There is a hardware store, a health food store/coffee shop, video store, and almost everything you could need (there used to be a grocery store but it seems to be gone the way of many small stores.

Here's a shot of 2 Pleasant St, where I rented the cutest little two bedroom apartment for 300$ a month. When I moved in it was owned by the Oddfellows. Other than having a meeting one Tuesday evening a month they were wonderfully absentee landlords. The bottom floor was all they rented out, which meant that the only tenants were the people in the other two bedroom apartment on the first floor. Joey and I would often sit on the front steps in the afternoon/evening with a beer and a grapefruit and watch people go by. I even had a jar of dog treats that all the neighborhood dogs appreciated.

Across the street was the Byer of Maine factory.

We then went on to Lamoine, where we visited some friends of my mother who are wonderful people. They and another couple who are friends of my mother have built homes next to each other and have a path between. It seems like the perfect setup to me and I hope someday to have a similar one. Though I doubt it will be in a location like this. The mountains you see in the distance are on Mount Desert Island; one of them is Cadillac. What a lovely place to live.

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Celena said...

Wow ... you've been busy. Sounds like fun though. :)